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Jun 2017
15th Jun 2017

Rollovers as Business Start Ups (ROBs) Compliance: the IRS View

Rollovers as Business Start Ups (ROBs) Compliance:  the IRS View

Have you ever wondered what the IRS is thinking about Rollovers as Business Start Ups?  Wonder no more – they have a website page dedicated to this particular structure. The website page appears to be updated fairly regularly, and as of this blog date, the most recent update was October of 2016.
13th Jun 2017

GAO on Self-Directed IRAs and ROBs

Our firm has been practicing in the federal tax area of self-directed IRAs and 401k plans used as business start-ups (commonly referred to as “ROBS”, AKA rollovers as business start ups) for over the past 10 years.  Little guidance has been forthcoming from the IRS or other governmental agencies, other than legal cases and certain published rulings and advisory opinions by the IRS and Department of Labor.